Online and Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is Where to Buy Proactive

 - May 8, 2015
References: getproactiv & airtravel.about
If you were wondering where to buy Proactiv products, purchasing them online is one option, as it getting them from an airport vending machine. Even though most vending machines are stocked with sugary sweets and overly processed salty snacks, the things you can find dispensed at airports across the United States might just surprise you.

In addition to electronics, makeup (such as Essie nail polish), gourmet food options, clothing and accessories, flowers and forgotten travel items (like cold medication), you can also acquire a whole new skincare range. The next time you are flying through Minneapolis-St. Paul, it might serve you to ask around and figure out where to buy Proactiv from a vending machine (especially if you have acne).