Google's 'What Do You Love' Service Brings you Everything you Want

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: techcrunch & mashable
If you're an avid user of Google and want to explore all facets of things you love, then the What Do You Love page is definitely for you.

The service looks similar to the Google home page but the regular 'Google Search' button is replaced with an appropriately adorable heart. The idea of What Do You Love is to let users type in whatever they love and provide them with the different Google services that lets them explore that subject. You can watch videos, find books and measure the popularity of whatever tickles your fancy.

Just type in and you'll be immersed in everything that makes your heart sing.

Implications - Modern customers are looking for convenience in all of their products. Items that provide efficiency while completing an everyday task are appealing to consumers with fast-paced lifestyles. Focusing on this multitasking element could help a company attract more buyers.