'Wendy's First Kitchen' Will Bring the Wendy's Franchise to Japan

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: first-kitchen.co.jp & eater
In an effort to expand into the Japanese market, the American fast food chain Wendy's has announced that its purchase of First Kitchen will be rebranded as 'Wendy's First Kitchen.' With 136 restaurants already in operation in Japan, the rebranding effort will help Wendy's rapidly expand its global reach.

Wendy's First Kitchen will serve as a hybrid between Wendy's and the original First Kitchen chain. As a result, the restaurant will serve both traditional Wendy's fare and some of the pasta dishes that First Kitchen is best known for. There are two rebranded restaurants already open in Japan and the brand plans to expand the effort further in the near future.

With plans to move into other key markets such as India, Brazil and the Middle East, Wendy's First Kitchen demonstrates an early sign of the brand's international expansion strategy.