Japanese Claw Machine Lets You Grab Boobies of Your Choice

 - Mar 24, 2009
References: poptherapy
When I first saw the photo of this grapple, I thought the prize was a pile of hombow steamed dumplings, but wait, hombow is food, and its Chinese, and this machine is in Japan. Someone else thought they were onions, but no; this is a pile of boobies huddling in the corner.

The objective is, of course, to maneuver to the boobie pile and claw up the breast of your choice. If you win, you can take it home.

I wonder if they’re squishy. Could they be used as bra-stuffers? Oh, the many questions this raises.

Equally odd, though not nearly as interesting, are prizes of live lobsters, fake dinner rolls, and ice cream.

I’m guessing that claw arcades are pretty popular in Japan. The video shows one with graphics that let me know that I am culturally ignorant when it comes to this sort of thing. Still, it’s oddly interesting.