Waves by David Orias Capitalizes on Golden Morning Light

 - Oct 5, 2012
References: davidorias.1x & mymodernmet
The images in Waves by David Orias may seem like paintings because of their unreal colors and smooth brushstroke-like texture, but they are in reality photographs. Taken through long exposures, the photographer captures saturated hues and motion in such a magnificent way that his oceanic scenes will steal breaths as much as treading underwater would.

With a preference for early morning photoshoots, Waves by David Orias revolves around a striking golden light that adds a surreal touch of magic to the series. Orias writes, "Southern California has its fire season and sometimes this creates conditions of eerie orange light in the morning as the sunlight is filtered and scattered by smoke particles. I take the baseline colors and work with them to create a fine art appeal."