The Wave Table Has the Authentic Look of a Disturbed Liquid Surface

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: skatar & archidesignclub
The Wave Table does a convincing job of capturing the the look of delicate ripples occurring on a previously calm puddle or pond. It is as if a tiny pebble was dropped or a finger was poked, agitating the surface of the water ever so slightly. The outcome is a series of concentric circular undulations that seem to have been frozen in their fragile positions.

Fredrik Sk├ątar used transparent acrylic glass, sculpting it to emulate such a ripple effect. The calm centers of the side table and the coffee table offer flat surfaces that afford the safe placement of full teacups and drinking glasses; meanwhile, much of each tabletop is organically uneven so that the Wave Table becomes an enticingly tangible item that's still capable of holding all sorts of objects.