The Wave Paint Bucket Concept Makes Pouring and Resealing Simple

 - Jul 20, 2012
References: yankodesign
There are a slew of problems with the common paint can that it's a wonder that alternatives like the Wave Paint Bucket haven't been thought up in greater numbers. This concept deals with the many difficulties that surround the cap of the container especially in the way that it's removed, set aside and replaced.

Designers Yin-Kai Lee, Shuo-Ren Shy and Fu-Yu Cai began with a metal can with an opening of a much reduced size, broadening the width of the recessed rim. The edge of the pot also has three notches cut into it to make spouts for pouring paint and to provide easier access while taking off the lid.

The Wave Paint Bucket's best feature is its flexible silicone cover with a petal-like brim that's easy to pull from the hole and pick up from the floor.