The Wave Chaser Merges the Paddle Board with the Catamaran

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: & newatlas
The Wave Chaser vessel aims to combine the functionality and design of the paddle board with the aesthetic of the catamaran to create a smaller aquatic vessel for recreational use. The watercraft is created using two paddle boards that sit on either side of the vessel to provide buoyancy and balance to ensure proper performance on the water.

The Wave Chaser can be put together by two people in about 20-minutes and can be compacted into gear that's capable of being carried in a standard van or pickup truck. The watercraft is the design work of Neil McBride who has created the prototype vessel that weighs about 149-pounds. He hopes to create another model with carbon fiber which would drop the weight rating down to 50-pounds to make it more feasible for avid oceanic adventurers to adopt.