This Waterproof Toilet Paper Capsule Makes Camping Comfortable

 - Mar 25, 2013
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Although camping can be a good way to get in touch with the outdoors, many have trouble dealing with their wild surroundings when nature calls and if this is a point of discomfort for you, look no further than Janet Molchanko and Sarah Jensen's ingenious, DIY waterproof toilet paper capsule that provides outdoor comfort with an eco-friendly design.

Students of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Molchanko and Jensen were given the challenge of creating a product that produces social or economic value. The result was this environmentally friendly waterproof toilet paper capsule.

Using recycled paper, twine, silicone, reflective tape, a 2L soda bottle and a reusable bag, Jensen and Molchanko's aptly titled 'When Nature Calls' device keeps your precious toilet paper dry and makes your rough surroundings a little bit more like home using its nature-friendly design.