This Watermelon Sculpture Looks Like an Sinister Alligator

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: thatsnerdalicious
If you're looking for a way to get creative with your fruit, this unique alligator watermelon sculpture invites you to try carving your own watermelons into a work of reptilian art.

While this alligator appears to be unbelievably menacing with sharp-pointed teeth and beady eyes, it would be a refreshing treat to bite into to. Talented carver Clive Cooper from Sparksfly Design was able to expertly shape this piece of watermelon into an underwater reptilian predator. Cooper began by etching away at the watermelon's thick green skin until he arrived at the rosy flesh. From there, Cooper used the oval shape of the watermelon to carve out a realistic-looking alligator head. Out of the pink watermelon flesh, Cooper carved the alligator's scales, teeth, snout and eyes. Because of Cooper's intricate detail, it's hard to believe this alligator head is made entirely from watermelon.