Donnegal County Ireland To Install Hydro Lights

 - Feb 22, 2009
References: treehugger & irishtimes
We’ve all seen solar powered lights, but now we may start seeing water powered lights! According to, "a private company had been contracted to install a 'hydro light' on a footbridge over the River Finn in Ballybofey" in Donnegal County.

The eco-friendly 30 watt LED light will be powered batteries charged by a 110 watt turbine to be installed under the bridge. The light will also have a solar panel back up system installed in case water levels in the river drop too low for the turbine to be operated and for use during the summer months.

According to the Times, "[t]he council is currently piloting a number of technologies as part of their programme for renewable and low energy lighting."

This technology could be used in a lot of places. You could possibly even install them in storm sewers or in roof drainage systems on buildings if you could come up with a clog free design. Imagine it - rain powered lights!