From Modern Abacuses to Antique-Inspired Calculators

 - May 13, 2012
Even if you don't rock the telltale pocket protector, you're sure to find these creative number crunchers embarrassingly entertaining. Babies from the 1980s, who grew up in the heyday of pocket-sized calculators, will be wiping away a tear of nostalgia when they get a load of the gloriously geeky takes on the trusty math class companion.

Now that calculators have found their way onto phones, computers and even watches, holding onto an individual number cruncher may seem frivolous. From a utilitarian standpoint, I suppose it is, but when you see a LEGO calculator there is a small child inside you somewhere that screams, "I must have it!" These clever designs have given this antiquated but useful (especially for the mathematically challenged) technology a much-needed geeky chic makeover.

These creative number crunchers will actually make you miss your giant graphing calculator.