The 'MIITO Precise' Warms Single Cups of Water to Save Resources

 - Dec 26, 2016
References: yankodesign
Using a water boiler to heat an entire kettle of water is inherently wasteful when it comes to water and electricity, so the 'MIITO Precise' is intended to be a way to help eliminate this waste.

The 'MIITO Precise' works by having a cup of water placed on the base and having the included rod placed in the cup of water. From here, the unit goes to work heating the cup of water to create individual cups of hot water for tea, coffee or whatever other hot beverage is desired.

The'MIITO Precise' water boiler is the design work of Jasmina Grase and Nils Chudy, and is purported to utilize about 30% less energy than a traditional kettle would require to voild it.