Biles Inc Has Given Warner Edwards Bottles a New Sophisticated Look

 - Nov 20, 2015
References: bilesinc & lovelypackage
Graphic design brand 'Biles Inc' was recently appointed by Warner Edwards to create branding for its super premium gin. Countless preparation and pitching by the design label resulted in these extremely elegant bottles.

Considering the Warner Edwards aesthetic, Biles Inc designed bottles for the brand's Dry, Elder-flower, Rhubarb and Sloe gin. Working with gin that is "uncompromisingly good," Biles Inc coated the new bottles in hand drawn-looking artwork that mirrors the appeal of filigree when standing far enough away from the bottle. Written between the artwork on the bottles are sayings like "Curiosity killed the cat" and "United in Spirit."

Using the the story behind the Warner Edwards brand, Biles Inc was able to create branding that is rich and deep.