Eva Zeisel Emphasizes Beautiful, Elegant Modern Decor

 - Mar 31, 2009
References: evazeisel.org
Trying to portray the latest trends is not always successfully carried out by everyone, nor is it an easy task, but for 75 years Eva Zeisel has done so. Zeisel’s vision of shape and form, carried out through hundreds of excellent projects, gives her clear status as the ‘Mother of Modernity.’

Eva Zeisel is an inspiration for young designers like Karim Rashid, who said of Zeisel, "Eva has an amazing sense to combine quality, beauty and romance in every house." Indeed, Eva Zeisel has said that great art is not about sophisticated solutions.

Her designs have changed the face of modern design in the 20th century. Who would have believed that this elegant 102-year-old woman with carefully modeled hair and the obligatory circle of pearls around her neck began her career repairing furnaces on the outskirts of Budapest?