Daniel Hogh's Warhammer 40K Cosplay Creation is an Incredibly Nerdy Gem

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: technabob
For those not in the know, Warhammer is a popular table top miniature wargame that sees its dedicated patrons spending hundreds of hours painting and painfully detailing their prized figurines, but this Warhammer 40K cosplay costume created by designer Daniel Hogh may be the most realistic representation ever created.

Many Warhammer characters are known for their hulking suits of battle-ready armor that encase their fragile bodies within. This gigantic look has become the trademark of this popular game series and it's these hulking heaps of fantasy metal that so deeply inspired Daniel Hogh to create this epic Warhammer 40K cosplay creation.

Suited from head to toe in this intensely detailed suit of battle armor, it's a surprise that Daniel Hogh can even move a muscle in this space-age contraption.