The W Magazine 'Gilt Trip' Photoshoot Stars Edie Campbell

 - May 13, 2014
References: wmagazine & models
It is not every day that a fashion publication indulges in a 10 day photoshoot, yet when they do people can be assured that it will be wonderful; case in point, the W Magazine 'Gilt Trip' editorial. Shot entirely in Burma, the exotic landmarks as well as cultural garbs inspire everything about the photoshoot. Equally vibrant, eclectic and layered, the looks mesh the modernity of the West with the tradition of the East.

The W Magazine 'Gilt Trip' editorial, which appears in the May 2014 issue of the magazine, was shot by photographer Tim Walker. It stars model Edie Campbell. The brunette beauty was styled by Jacob K. The entire photoshoot was inspired by Prudence Farrow, Mia’s "rather uptight and impossibly perfect Buddhist sister" as Walker describes her.