The Vs Magazine 'Dance With Wolves' Shoot is Unsettling

The Vs Magazine 'Dances With Wolves' shoot portrays a woman with birds and monkey company.

The shoot features model Laetitia Casta who is dressed in complete vintage, corset-inspired dresses and retro hats. The photographs have the ancient worn-off edges that try to recreate the golden day snaps.

The credit for such astounding photography goes to Cathleen Naundorf. The editorial is titled 'Dances With Wolves' and is part of the winter publication for Vs Magazine. The shoot makes use of evil omen black crows and naughty monkeys. The entire image is distorted and worn off, as if it were truly a shoot from the '50s. The Vs Magazine 'Dances With Wolves' shoot is a tribute to rad retro snaps.