'Voutes Celestes' Was on Display for Paris' Nuit Blanche 2016

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: miguel-chevalier & thenextweb
For Nuit Blanche 2016 in Paris, Mexican artist Miguel Chevalier created Voutes Celestes, a light show projected onto the walls and ceiling of the historic Eglise Saint-Eustache in the center of the First Arrondissement. Voutes Celestes, which translates to Heavenly Vaults, depicted animations that looked both cosmic and digital, portraying shimmering and shaking interconnected lines that bring to mind illustrations of the constellations.

Miguel Chevalier is no stranger to such light shows, having created similar projections on other historical buildings around the world. He describes Voutes Celestes in particular as a "generative and interactive virtual-reality installation," and it was accompanied by musical improvisations from Saint Eustache Cathedral's principal organist and choir.

The projections covered the entirety of the cathedral's ceiling: a total of nearly 3,000 square meters.