Volvo Truck Collections

 - Jul 1, 2008
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In celebration of its new range of trucks, Volvo has unveiled a new fashion collection of more than a hundred pieces of merchandise. The items are divided into two collections: The FH16 Collection and The Volvo Trucks Collection.

Available soon at Volvo Truck Dealers and via the Volvo Truck Nation internet port, the collection features leather jackets, footwear, watches, bags, toys, and more fashion and lifestyle items. The pattern, colour and material of the items is inspired directly by the trucks. For example, the pockets of some of the clothes are shaped like Volvo truck headlamps, and the bag handles are made using the Volvo steering wheel leather.

“We wanted to do something that was entirely unique in the industry,” explained Magnus Koeck, brand manager at Volvo Trucks. “Instead of putting our logo on standard products, we and our truck designers have worked closely together with well-established fashion designers. We've worked for a year to create our very own product range from the ground up.”