Voltier Creative Demystifies the Professional Power of Social Media

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: voltiercreative & digitalbuzzblog
This web-savvy infographic from the good people at Voltier Creative offers insight into the cryptic world of career building through social media. If you thought Twitter, Facebook, and Google + were just a fun ways to update hundreds of your casual aquaintances about the mundane happenings in your day to day life, guess again. Nowadays, social media is cutting its teeth in the corporate world. Over 79% of corporations operating today have a Twitter account, and I sincerely doubt these accounts were adopted to document a CEO’s weight loss journey.

If used correctly, social media could hold the key to professional success; if used frivolously your professionalism and character could be called into question. Bearing these possibilities in mind, the Social Media for the Career Minded infographic attempts to steer you through these shark infested digital waters, to any number possible shores. How do you cultivate an online identity, and once created, how do you exert your clout in effective ways?

All questions will be superficially answered by Voltier Creative, but as for concrete conclusions, social media has yet to be boiled down to a fine science. It is still a Wild West scenario out there on the information super highway. Listen to your gut, take all advice with a grain of salt and start mingling.