The Voltair Vertical Turbine Harnesses the Turbulent Air Behind Vehicles

 - Nov 11, 2011
Those wind tunnel streets that cause pedestrians to curse could assume a major redeeming quality thanks to the Voltair Vertical Turbine project. Recognizing the fact that cities require enormous amounts of electricity but that wind farms are typically erected in rural locations, Luis Castanheira Santos proposes an option perfectly suited to the metropolis.

His main focus is on the currents churned by fast-moving vehicles, so the suggestion is to place these vertical axis wind turbines along freeway barriers and the central dividers of major roads. The strength of the air's rush between two opposing streams of traffic would nearly double the draft and thus offer the ideal placement of Voltair Vertical Turbines. The green eggbeater piers could make highways more sustainable by powering digital signs and streetlights.