NASA's VolcanoBot 2 Will Teach Us More About Volcanoes

 - Jan 12, 2015
References: polaroid & gizmag
VolcanoBot 2 is a robot, being constructed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, that is an improved and upgraded version of the VolcanoBot1 that was sent down a fissure at Mount Kilauea volcano in Hawaii in May 2014. VolcanoBot 1 descended to a depth of 25 meters in two separate locations, and built a 3D map of the crevice, although its operations were limited by the limited length of its tether.

VolcanoBot 2 will have a longer tether and stronger motors than its predecessor, in addition to improved communications capabilities and the ability to store data onboard. The robot will also be smaller and will be only 25 cm long and will be fitted with 12 cm wheels.