19 Worldwide Editions of Vogue Pledge to Discontinue Use of Unhealthy Model

 - May 4, 2012
References: businessoffashion & guardian
Vogue has taken it upon themselves to formally declare and publish a worldwide pledge that ensures that Vogue will not be working with underage or models with suspected eating disorders. Calling it a united "health pact", the 19 issues of Vogue have come together to give some push-back to the fashion industry and encourage better body image with their influential readership.

A good deal of models begin their modelling at ages under 16, often unsupervised and misled; something Vogue is hoping to change. Further, Anna Wintour of American Vogue and Alexandra Shulman of the British edition have publicly called out designers that feature scarily thin models and only supply shockingly small sample sizes. Following the outright ban of models under 16 at both London and New York fashion weeks, this is another step towards creating a more realistic and engaging fashion industry.

Implications - This has been an ongoing issue within the fashion industry for some time now. However, as a fashion leader, Vogue has taken an important step to restructuring the world of fashion to encompass a more healthy view, in response to critics. It is, hopefully, a big step on the way to continued improvement.