The Vo Wand Helps Guitarists Produce Sustained Harmonies

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: paulvomusic & gizmag
The Vo Wand is a nifty little handheld musical tool that creates accurate single-string sustained harmonies. While handheld sustainers are not exactly new, what makes the Wand unique is the fact that it is far more powerful than any of its competitors. This is thanks to a unique vibration control system invented by musical inventor Paul Vo and previously seen in Moog's Guitar and Lap Steel.

The Vo Wand acts by focusing electromagnetic energy that is in perfect phase with the guitar string's motion. This causes the string to resonate and create beautiful harmonics.

The Wand is still currently in prototype stage but is expected to cost around $200 when it hits the market.

This gadget works with acoustic and electric guitars as well as basses, and looks to be marvelous tool for musical expression.