The Vizio 2026 Project Envisions Multisensory Experiences

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: vizio & yankodesign
The idea of entertainment and entertainment consoles have already evolved so much over the last few years, but the Vizio 2026 project envisions what it may look like in another 10 years. Considering the fact that 2006 seems like yesterday, that's not too far away. Building off of Vizio TV, Vizio 2026 predicts multisensory experiences through three products in particular.

Designed by Daniel Kim, the first is Sense, which connects to TVs or smartphones to convert sound into physical waves, transcribing them onto its soft touch fabric. Second is Ocular, a tactile projection system that detects and follows the user’s actions. Last is Cushy, the personal A.I. system that learns and grows with the user in three stages: observation, interaction and companionship. Together, Vizio 2026 predicts a promising and exciting future.