Vitaliy Shushko Loves Filtering Classic Films Through His Own Mind

 - Dec 20, 2011
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If you're anything like Vitaliy Shushko, then you've sat through a movie and imagined watching particular scenes from a different perspective. Unlike most people however, Shushko has the talent to illustrate storyboard paintings of those scenes as he sees them in his head. The resulting images are thus familiar, yet fresh as they reinvigorate old content with new ideas.

Vitaliy Shushko is one of many illustrators affiliated with HonkFu, a visual art group based in Moscow, Russia. Not surprisingly, their specialty is in drawing dynamic comic book frames, something highly reminiscent of storyboard art. Though rendering scenes is Shusko's bread and butter, he can also illustrate action-packed posters effortlessly.

On Vitaliy Shushko's personal blog, he has taken it upon himself to paint many scenes inspired by Tim Burton's 1992 film Batman Returns.