The 'Driven' Visor Clip Air Freshener is Discreet

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: oreillyauto & oreillyauto
Being that males are most often associated with car culture, the 'Driven' Visor Clip Air Freshener is intended to appeal to this demographic in a macho way.

The refillable air freshener is battery-powered and features a small fan to help move scents around vehicular cabins without having to be plugged in. A standard 10-minute cycle operation enables on-demand freshening rather than constantly pumping freshener into the cabin.

Able to be paired with such scent options as 'Black Out' and 'Titanium Rain,' the 'Driven' Visor Clip Air Freshener takes a more masculine approach to aftermarket car accessories. While air fresheners could be perceived as less than masculine by some, the 'Driven' air freshener looks to change this perception with a hyper-masculine design.