ExitReality 3D Web Browser

 - Sep 18, 2008
References: exitreality & news.au
The freshly launched and world’s first 3D web browser (of which we were, until now, only given a preview), ExitReality’s 3D Web Browser, is going to take the worldwide web by storm. 

Forget clicking on your favorite websites. With ExitReality’s 3D Web Browser download, virtual reality web browsing has been made possible so you can walk to your chosen website! You pick your own world, your own avatar, your own everything.  And, just like Internet virtual reality worlds, you can interact with other web surfers.

The ExitReality 3D Web Browser was created by Danny Stefanic and according to him, the program works with FireFox and Internet Explorer.  You can search with it and video websites such as YouTube will look like "theaters" and social sites will look like virtual "lounges."

As with any software, there are bound to be some glitches and security issues with this new technology but, in the meantime, ExitReality’s 3D Web Browser is available for download on Windows computers only.