YOUAND.ME Dating Site Lets Users Create Digital Offspring

 - Apr 25, 2009
References: & news.prnewswire
Couples often get to see what their children will look like when the baby is visualized with ultrasound in utero.

Now, dating site YOUAND.ME is giving would-be couples a chance to see what their offspring may look like with a digital morphing tool.

Simply upload pictures of yourself and your would-be mate and an image of a baby is created showing what one permutation of your kids may look like.

How does it accomplished?

According to the website:
The Make Babies feature comprises proprietary technology that does not mix and create images to make a photo-hybrid baby picture. Instead, it utilizes identification and recognition technology to detect specific facial traits and features for creating a virtual baby’s face that resembles the morphing of these features.

If that’s not enough, soon the website will allow you to ‘join’ with your favorite celebrity and see the results.

Says one user: "Actually, my sweetie is about what I’d imagine my ideal baby would look like. I’m a little nervous as a novice virtual mommy, and I’ve yet to break the news to the virtual daddy."

Here’s some advice: Be gentle.