Bjork Poses Artfully for Dazed & Confused 'Violently Appy' Spread

The Dazed & Confused Violently Appy editorial from the August 2011 200th edition issue achieves maximum acceleration to the future through the past.

The Violently Appy photo series photographed by Sam Falls and styled by Katy England puts the singer-actress-editor-artist, Bjork, in the center of futuristic, yet retro painting-like images. The vintage factor of this artistic photography shoot is increased by the fashion Bjork wears: Paco Rabane Haute Couture from the late '90s, handmade painted jumper suits by Stefano Pilati and Alexander McQueen creations by Sarah Burton.

The result is a truly unique Dazed & Confused 'Violently Appy' fashion editorial that achieves visual stimulation.

Implications - The reinterpretation, modernization and inspiration from the past is a central concept in fashion and other industries. The Violently Appy editorial showcases how innovations can blend old and new and allows for a reinterpretation of past trends.