Jon Burgerman Adds Some Blood and Gore to These Subway Ads

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: jonburgerman & coolhunting
Street art is one of the most pure forms of artistic expression and these re-appropriated violent subway ads are a testament to that. Jon Burgerman adds some more context to these adds with a little blood.

If you've ever taken a subway, you've probably seen these huge violent movie posters. These posters are often for action movies and serve to get people to go see the movie. As an idea they're amazing because they're placed in spots where people take their daily commutes. Jon Burgerman takes advantage of this and takes his own photo series called Head Shots to these ads

Jon poses beside or close to gun-toting macho men in these violent subway ads and acts out the act of getting shot. He even adds his own blood for effect and it looks awesome.