Worth1000 Vintage Ads 7 Contest Brings Cell Phones to the 40s

 - Jul 23, 2011
References: worth1000 & blog.thaeger
Worth1000 is constantly bringing out great photo manipulation talent, but these entries for the Vintage Ads 7 contest have really outdone themselves. Not only do they use stock and memorable campaigns of yesteryear, but the entries managed to seamlessly integrate anachronistic items into the pictures to produce ads that could have never possibly existed.

My favorite entry into the Vintage Ads 7 contest has got to be the Segway ad, which features a couple jovially riding through a Dutch town as onlookers admire the pair on their gyroscopic transport vehicle. Yup, that's exactly how people treat Segway users in modern times.

Implications - Consumers enjoy photo manipulations because they take surreal situations and make them plausible through imagery. Corporations looking to produce effective media campaigns may consider using highly manipulated photo imagery to create impossible situations that fascinate consumers.