'Villa Mecklin' in Velkua is Small Yet Big at the Same Time

 - Aug 3, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: h-l-p.fi & tinyurl
Located in Finland, the 'Villa Mecklin' by Huttunenâ€"Lipastiâ€"Pakkanen Architects is a home that looks small but is really big in size. The main standout feature is the front dock, which is big enough for a camp out!

The architects of the home said it was a challenge to build this home on the rocky terrain, but nevertheless the task was done. The 'Villa Mecklin' by Huttunenâ€"Lipastiâ€"Pakkanen Architect also has a decently sized living area.

Implications - Though it initially appears small, it only takes a few steps in to realize that Villa Mecklin is home to long vistas and the expansive and gorgeous landscape of the western shore.