This Series Showcases Video Game Characters with Realistic Bodies

 - Jul 29, 2015
References: bulimia & fastcocreate
A team of designers from the eating disorder awareness website '' recently released a series of illustrations that demonstrate what popular video game heroines would look like if they had more realistic bodies. In the virtual world of video games, female characters are often drawn with unrealistic figures and unattainable body types. This new series examines what these heroines would look like with more life-like proportions.

The series takes on a number of iconic video game heroines including Lara Croft, Christie Montiero and Sonya Blade. The website re-imagines original characters with the help of Photoshop and gives them more realistic bodies. As a result, each of the characters is given proportions that more accurately reflect the average American woman's measurements.

The series ultimately highlights the lack of diverse body types in video games and the need for a more realistic representation of women.