The Victorinox Slim Flash Drive is an Information Age Implement

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: swissarmy & ubergizmo
For modern man, a Swiss Army knife may come in handy for opening beer bottles and cutting tags off of new clothing, but the Victorinox Slim Flash Drive is more likely to serve a purpose for people who live integrated with 21st century Western civilization.

The makers of the handy utility knives have come up with a version for those dwell amidst the untamed landscape of computing instead, offering them tools to secure information that could be lost or damaged due to hackers, computer viruses or machine meltdowns. Built with the stereotypical casing of a pocket knife, the hi-tech gadgets pack a punch of up to 128GB of storage space split in two sticks of the Swiss Army Slim Duo USB drive. A choice of five bright colors applied to the rough metallic finish gives your Victorinox Slim Flash Drive an increasingly contemporary appeal.

Photo Credits: Swiss Knife Shop