This Phone Design by Victor Johannson is Futuristically Practical

 - Dec 1, 2011
References: yankodesign
Victor Johannson has designed an eye-catching and practical phone that actually seems to have a good shot at going from concept to reality. Johannson's unnamed mobile phone has the same look as many of today's smartphones, but what truly sets it apart is its integration of advanced technology.

Mind you, when I say "advanced technology," I'm not talking about futuristic retinal scanners and solar panels; I'm talking about dual-sided scrolling, a functional back that functions as a clock or an app dock and a piezoelectric GPS function that gently nudges you in the right direction. All of these features are made using readily available or easily developed technology. Victor Johannson's mobile may not make it out of the concept stage, but it is still a good indicator of what the phone of the future will look like and feature.