The Vespa Cam Has the Same Streamlined Design as the Moped

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: slmdesignco & yankodesign
This concept for a Vespa Cam is so consistent with the design of the popular motorbike that it looks like it might have been pulled from the scooter's own body. Rotimi Solola and Cait Miklasz worked to give the digital camera the same sleek and curved contours, surface treatment and branding as the Vespa. If it were real, it would be a must-have gadget for all riders of that particular two-wheeled vehicle.

The rectangular form of the Vespa Cam was made quite thin in profile with a touchscreen viewfinder on the back and a discernible concave shaping to its front. This aerodynamic sculpting is reinforced by the ultra-smooth finish of the device, giving it the hi-gloss appearance of a freshly painted car.