The Vertigo Superyacht Has a Luxurious Penthouse-Style Interior

Luxurious yachts may be nothing new, but the Vertigo Superyacht is a sleek alternative to the often excessively extravagant cruiseship-sized boats so often seen traveling the seas. With a modest exterior designed to look like a conventional sailboat, the yacht features a condo-style interior designed by Christian Liagiare.

A 220-foot sailing yacht from Alloy Yachts, the AY41 Vertigo Superyacht was designed by Naval Architect's Philippe Briand. The client requested an urban feel from Liagiare and Briand, who most certainly delivered exactly that. The ship's interior looks deceivingly more like a swanky penthouse suite than a boat.

Equipped with custom-designed furnishings, glossy woods, stainless steel kitchen appliances, chromed fixtures, leather accents and the latest technology, the Vertigo Superyacht is a one-of-a-kind modern chic yacht that maintains an air of tasteful modesty.