Veio Textile Bowls by Kathrin Morawietz are Made from a Unique Material

 - Jun 13, 2012
Influenced by the art of handcraft woodturning traditionally used to construct dishes, German artist Kathrin Morawietz slightly altered this process to create her collection of Veio Textile Bowls.

She enacted the same practices that would be used to sculpt bowls from wood but altered the material used to create a unique dish set that is as soft to touch as it is tough and durable.

Using an assortment of varying fabrics and wood glue, the artist layered the colored materials atop one another until the stack of fabric began to take a hardened shape.

Each piece of fabric is slightly varied in color, texture and pattern and when combined, comes together to resemble veins that run throughout wood. Five different dishes come with the set and each has its own distinct pattern while also complimenting the rest of the set.