The New Veggie Crunch Burger is Made from Seven Types of Vegetables

 - Sep 1, 2016
References: prischew & chewboom
McDonald's Singapore recently expanded its range of vegetarian-friendly options with the introduction of the Veggie Crunch Burger. While McDonald's has been overhauling its menu for quite some time now, this new burger provides a heartier option for those who adhere to a meat-free diet.

The new Veggie Crunch Burger consists of a deep-fried patty made from a blend of seven different types of vegetables: carrots, green peas, cucumbers, green beans, red bell peppers, potatoes and lettuce. To prevent the patty from coming into contact with any meat, the patty is deep-fried in the same oil that is used to cook McDonald's apple pies. The vegetable patty is then topped with lettuce, cucumber slices, a sweet chili sauce and the McChicken sauce.