These Mixed Vegetable Cups are Designed to Pair with Egg-Based Dishes

 - Jun 23, 2016
References: cleverfoodies & preparedfoods
CleverFoodies recently debuted a line of mixed vegetable cups that are intended to pair with egg-based dishes. These days, consumers are looking for food products that are healthy, but also convenient. These veggie cups help consumers add more greens to home-cooked meals without the need for any extra prep time.

The Scramble cups from CleverFoodies consist of mixed vegetables that have been pre-cooked and blended with different herbs and spices. The convenient vegetable cups are meant to pair with egg-based dishes such as omelettes, frittatas and scrambled eggs. For extra flavor, the veggies come in three different flavor combinations: Mediterranean, Rancheros and Leafy Greens.

Made from all natural ingredients and completely gluten-free, the veggie cups are perfect for health-conscious consumers interested in adding some greens to their favorite meals.