This Meat-Free Bacon is Made Using Rice Paper Sheets and Spices

 - Jul 30, 2016
For vegan, vegetarian or curious consumers seeking to find alternatives to their favorite meat products can enjoy this vegan beacon recipe by Food Deco that shares a meatless substitute that recreates a similar flavor to fried pork. The dish is creatively made using rice paper that is marinated and fried to a similar consistency.

The dish begins with rice paper that acts as the meat replacement. The edible paper is often seen used in rolls and Food Deco creatively cuts the sticky paper into strips to emulate bacon and flavors it using ketjap, oil, honey and paprika. Since the paper is thick, it can withstand frying. As the rice paper fries up it takes on the crispy look and feel of bacon that can be used as a vegan garnish to a variety of dishes.