The Veet Infini’Silk PRO System is for At-Home Usage

 - Apr 6, 2016
The Veet Infini’Silk PRO Permanent Hair Reduction is a convenient at-home system that promises salon-level results. The professional system using state of the art innovations and utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. The short pulses of light target the hair at the root of its follicle to stop growth at the start.

The Veet product is a handheld device designed to deliver permanent results and has a built-in skin surface contact sensor that only turns on the laser when it is flush with the skin, protecting one's eyes from harmful damage. Other safety features built in to the Veet Infini’Silk PRO Permanent Hair Reduction system include a skin color sensor and does not require the user to wear protective goggles or glasses during the treatments.