The Vectus PRT System is a Convenient Way to Commute

 - Jul 7, 2012
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This innovative Vectus PRT system is a driverless automated public transportation system that runs on your schedule. For example, unlike buses, subways and trains, there is no set schedule, the pods stand idle until passengers board, and if there are none waiting, you can request one immediately.

Essentially it's like taking a cab, only cheaper and environmentally friendly, as it holds more than one passenger. Another benefit is that it doesn't stop until it reaches its destination; of course the pods can only travel within pre-determined locations.

The London Heathrow Airport just opened its first rapid transit system with 22 electric autopilots that carries 800 passengers a day. Many countries are considering implementing such a system, as it seems to be the way of the future, and a worthy investment.