Vat19 Spitballs Grow in Water and Can be Used For All Kinds of Fun

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: vat19 & doobybrain
Vat19 Spitballs should be a staple requirement in every prankster's bag of goodies. Much like magicians, pranksters must have a set of items they can pull out for quick acts of cunning, and the Spitballs offered by Vat19 are an easy way to cause a little ruckus. For those hoodlums that also have a little love for interior decor, the Vat19 Spitballs are a dream come true.

These little non-toxic orbs can grow up to 200x their miniature size when left in water. The ideal time for full growth is four hours in cold water; however, impatient pranksters need only use heated water for quick results. The balls will also shrink back to their regular form if left in unsealed environments, making it easy to store them for future use. As shown in the video and images above, the Vat19 Spitballs can be used to annoy just about anyone or to peacefully decorate parts of one's home. With nearly 1,250 Spitballs in each package, this product is sure to guarantee prolonged satisfaction.