The VAPRWEAR Hoodie Includes a Concealed Vape System for Easy Use

The VAPRWEAR hoodie is a stylish sweater design that conceals a secret vape system located inside the wearable, that consumers can access to smoke while on-the-go. The hoodie features hookah-inspired drawstrings that attach around the neckline and through the hood to provide an accessible place for consumers to access their vaping products.

The sweater integrates a vaping system directly into the sweater with a feature called the 'hoodlace.' The device conceals a DLo3 e-cig system that is coiled inside the sweater in place of a traditional drawstring. Wears can pull on the 'hoodlace' string and hold the e-cig in their hand for convenient smoking purposes. The sweater comes in a variety of sizes and can fit both male and female frames.