Renault Master's Latest Ads Feature Physics-Bending Rollable Furniture

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: adsoftheworld & adeevee
This line of clever van ads frame Renault Master's vans as ideal for moving furniture and large heavy objects that can't be folded, rolled or packed up neatly. With the slogan, "Because you can't adapt everything," the ads emphasize that not all items can be packed and transported in a regular sized car.

The series of three print ads feature photographs of large inflexible objects being conveniently and unrealistically rolled up into a tube. The mind-bending images show an antique mirror, a thick wooden door and even a long slab of cement rolling up neatly into themselves.

Using humor and sarcasm as an advertising strategy, this series of print van ads does a great job of catching the viewer's attention and framing the somewhat outdated vans as necessary vehicles.