The New V8 Juices are Made from Colorful Fruits and Vegetables

Campbell Soup Company recently introduced four new V8 juices made from a combination of healthy fruits and vegetables. While these beverages are designed to deliver a full serving of vegetables, the drinks are branded in a way that makes them just as appealing as fruit juice.

The new V8 juices come in four delicious new varieties with whimsical names such as Golden Goodness, Healthy Greens and Purple Power. The packaging of the drinks is extremely colorful, which is meant to convey the vibrancy of the ingredients used. The graphics of the ingredients are also intended to appeal to the growing number of consumers interested in juicing.

By combining natural ingredients with eye-catching packaging, the new V8 juices will appeal to those who already enjoy vegetable juice, as well as those who may be looking for a healthy alternative to sugary fruit juices.