The Homido V2 is Compatible With a Huge Array Of Smartphones

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: homido & engadget
The V2 is an innovative new VR headset, developed by Homido, that stands out from the crowd due to the fact that it includes more than just a stand-alone virtual reality headset, and actually comes with a whole ecosystem of different gadgets and accessories that are designed to make it easier than ever for users to get the most out of their VR experiences at home.

What's great about this particular VR headset is the fact that its included accessories include a 360-degree camera, Bluetooth gaming controllers and a motion sensor.

The introduction of the Homido V2 VR headset goes to show that the future of virtual reality gadget marketing may lie in embracing entire ecosystems of products rather than singular gadgets that the customer then has to go ahead and upgrade on their own.